Elephant Head
Posted 30 July 2014, 10:48 am NDT
Picture taken by Amos Fox. Location: back path. (larger version)
Pedicularis groenlandica, also known as elephants head or elaphanthead lousewart, belongs to the figwort family. The plant can usually be found on Poet's Path, but it has eluded Joan Andersen, an outdoor volunteer and Erica Oberndorfer, a plant researcher, for several years. Jessica Winters, a research assistant with Erica, encountered the plant this year, July 28th, 2014. Each plant can grow up to 31 inches in height. Each plant has a long, pointed beak with curves upward, superficially resembling the trunk of an elephant and the lateral lobes of the flower resemble elephant ears. This plant is found in high ranges of Western North America, particularly the Cascades and High Sierra, much of Canada and Greenland. It grows in wet environments such as riverbanks.
- Amos Fox
2015 Torngat Secretariat
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