Hillary's Current Work
Posted 15 July 2014, 3:05 pm NDT
Drying Arctic Char in Nain, Labrador. Kathleen Blanchard photo. (larger version)
One of my roles as the Marine Research Associate is to study the Traditional Knowledge and Use of Atlantic Salmon and Arctic Char interviews that were conducted by Kathleen Blanchard and Julianna Coffey in 2010. The purpose of these interviews is to acquire traditional knowledge surrounding the salmon and char fisheries in Nunatsiavut and Upper Lake Melville. While studying the interviews I create 'codes' of information and will be grouping them to come up with relationships and prevalent theories that will be the focus of a research paper. It is very important that traditional knowledge be used in conjunction with scientific research. Traditional knowledge gives insight and provides a different way of thinking that may have been overlooked in scientific research. So using the two types of knowledge together will provide the most complete and informative data. The usefulness and importance of traditional knowledge cannot be emphasized enough. These interviews provide documented traditional knowledge that otherwise could have been lost over the years.
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